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Best Places to Work, strives to recognise, celebrate, 
and enhance the very best employee experience 
for organisations in New Zealand thereby spotlighting organisations as global leaders in this space.

Our journey starts with the Best Places to Work employee Survey. This is an opportunity to assess the quality of your employee experience using a comprehensive benchmarking survey. You’ll gain deep insights into how your employees perceive their workplace and how your organisation measures up against its peers.

A cutting-edge employee survey that benchmarks and assess the current state 
of employee experience in 
New Zealand.

An annual Best Places to Work awards ceremony, which honours New Zealand’s most exceptional companies and initiatives.
A comprehensive programme of Best Places to Work masterclasses tailored to empower and elevate employee experience skills, along with key insight into best practices.
New Zealand’s businesses will then be acknowledged 
at the esteemed annual Best Places to Work awards. 
This recognition not only affirms your company 
and team’s accomplishments but also acts as a 
powerful magnet, drawing the attention of top talent 
both domestically and internationally.

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    However, our commitment extends beyond celebration. Best Places to Work masterclasses offer an invaluable platform for you to gain insights from organisations similar to yours and Industry experts. 

    Discover how these organisations craft exceptional employee experiences that not only improve performance but also drive innovation to new heights.

    Take the pivotal first step on this journey today by participating in the Best Places to Work employee survey, as you embark on the path to invest in and or improve employee experience. 

    Find out more!

    As the Foundation Partner for the 
BPTW programme, EMA members receive a 20% discount to enter 
the survey.

    Empower your business:

    Achieve Excellence in Performance, customer satisfaction and Innovation with Best Places to Work survey insights 
and the masterclasses workplace series.
    OCT 10 2023
    CLOSES FEB 2024

MARCH – MAY 2024
    JUNE / JULY 2024

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    Join us on your journey today by participating in the Best Places to Work employee survey, taking that pivotal first step towards gaining insights and enhancing your organisation’s 
employee experience.
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