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Focusing on your employee experience should be a strategic priority for all organisations, no matter their size.

The Best Places to Work Survey and masterclass workplace series provides EMA members with a powerful tool to understand their employee experience and will provide practical steps on how you can enhance it. Take the first step and unleash your potential by registering for the Best Places to Work Survey today.

Inspiring the world’s greatest workplaces

The EMA is excited to be joining forces with Best Places to Work, a premier programme aimed at celebrating and enhancing the employee experience in New Zealand.

Participating in Best Places to Work will give you everything you need to benchmark your people experience and will provide you with practical steps you can take to improve performance and profitability.

EMA Members get a 20% discount on all Best Places to Work purchases. Simply copy the following code and paste it into checkout: EMA20


A cutting-edge employee survey that benchmarks and assesses the current state of employee experience in New Zealand.

MAY 17, 2024

The Workplace Revolution

This dynamic seven-part webinar series takes a deep dive into the intricate landscape of contemporary workforce management. The sessions are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

MAY – NOV 2024


An annual Best Places to Work awards ceremony, which honours New Zealand’s most exceptional companies and initiatives.


SEPT 2024


A comprehensive programme of Best Places to Work masterclasses tailored to empower and elevate employee experience skills, along with key insights into best practices.

NOV – MAR 2025

Take the first step today with the Best Places to Work Survey

Open to organisations of all sizes, the Best Places to Work Survey is your unique benchmarking employee survey generating deep insights into the quality of your people experience and how you measure up against your peers.

New Zealand’s premier employment awards ceremony

The Best Places to Work Awards ceremony will be a night of celebration and national recognition for those organisations delivering superior people experiences, providing you with a powerful recruitment tool to attract top talent. The awards are only open to those who complete the Best Places to Work survey.

An invitation to the Best Places to Work masterclasses

With our Best Places to Work masterclasses, you’ll learn directly from industry experts and organisations that lead the way in people experience. Discover how these organisations craft exceptional employee experiences that not only improves business performance but also fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

The EMA proudly joins Best Places to Work as Foundation Sponsor to help support and light the pathway for Kiwi Businesses.

As the Foundation Partner for the BPTW programme, EMA members receive a 20% Discount to enter the survey.


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